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Oyster Omelette

By Chef Siang


Pre-packed Oyster omelette
Glutinous rice & sweet potato flour mix
Fish Seasoning mix (to taste)
Oyster 15pcs
Egg 5 pcs
Spring onion 1 sprig


1. Add 300ml of water into the flour, add some salt mix well.
2. Pre-heat pan with high heat and 2 tbs of oil, add in the 1 scoop of flour mix, leave it on pan for 1-2mins, add beaten eggs, add spring onion, add 1 tbs oil, toss it.
3. After egg is well tossed, leave it aside on pan, add in oil and oyster on pan, toss it after 1 min together with egg.
4. Garnish with spring onion & corrainder