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Premium Shortrib Lollipop with Foie Gras

By Chef Eddie


Premium shortrib lollipop
Sliced Foie gras
Vegetable as garnish
Mash potato (thaw overnight in chiller)
Truffle oil
Cooking cream
Unsalted butter


1. Season shortrib lollipop with salt & pepper
2. Pre-heat pan. Sear all sides of lollipop evenly on medium heat
3. Bake for 4-6 mins at 170℃
4. Place mash potato into a pot using low heat, add in cooking cream, unsalted butter & truffle oil, whip till texture is smooth (No salt needed)
5. Season Foie Gras with salt & pepper
6. Pre-heat pan on high heat
7. Sear both sides of frozen foie gras on high heat
8. Lower down the heat, continue to cook till the centre of foie gras is warm
9. Garnish with truffle mash & carrot